About Our Libraries

Our Story

The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences Library was established on May 4, 2021, following the delinking of the College of Medicine and Kamuzu College of Nursing from the University of Malawi. The library system is made up of three library campuses:

Our Vision & Mission

The library vision and mission are aligned to the vision and mission and overall strategic thrusts of the University.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to be a world-class and innovative university library service.

Our Mission

To enhance teaching, research, and services of the University by:

Our Motto


Our libraries policy

Our policies aim to reflect the library’s overall service goal of providing safe, welcoming and equitable access to our services and space for everyone.

Our policies provide a frame of reference for library staff in decision-making to help balance the type and level of service provided to individual library users with the broader needs of the library community.

Libraries locations and hours

We offer four library locations across Malawi. Each locations offers collections, services and facilities for our diverse community.

Chiphangwi Learning Resource Centre

Lilongwe Learning Resource Centre

Kameza Learning Resource Centre

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