Increase Research Visibility

Why increasing Research Visibility?

A researcher or a research department may want to increase the visibility of their research for a variety of reasons. It could be as simple as wanting to increase their academic impact by increasing the number of views and citations for their research articles. Others, on the other hand, may wish to increase their visibility to attract more opportunities for collaboration or even to highlight the impact of their research on society.

Suggested strategies for Increasing Research Visibility

1. Include publications in an open repository so google will track when you have been cited. For example, an Institutional Repository such as the Nkhokwe Institutional Repository at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences and provide full text of it (if publisher allows).


2. Publishing in an Open Access journals or self-archive it (if publisher allows). See African Journals Online orDirectory of Open Access Journals


3. Sharing data associated with your research – Receive web visibility, academic credit, and increased citation accounts. For more information share data with Dataverse .


4. Publishing in high impact journals with search features allowing users to find articles that cite it. For example, see "cited by" features in Highwire Press journal articles .


5. Sharing publications using social networking tools such as Mendeley ,ResearchGate ,twitter, SlideShare, blogs, etc.


6. Creating online presence utilizing tools such as ORCID ID ,Web of Science Researcher ID ,Google Scholar Citations profile or LinkedIn and link to your profile on university webpages, vitae, and/or within email signatures.


7. Linking publications on personal websites or university webpages that are crawled by Google Scholar.


8. Listing your publications as recommended reading on a course website.


9. Increasing page visibility in search engine result pages such as Facebook shares, backlinks, and tweets.


10. Identifying numerous synonyms and using terms that you used in your own literature review. Keywords and abstracts are critical in assisting researchers in retrieving an article, particularly for indexes or search engines that do not have the full text of the article available.


11. Publishing thought-provoking, critical pieces or literature reviews; these, as well as those dealing with hot topics, have a higher citation rate.


Additional information specific to a given discipline?

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